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Appvn is an app store where you can download hundreds and thousands of apps and games which are not available on Google Play Store. You may or may not get those apps or games on official Google Play Store. Today, I am going to share the Appvn Apk v6.45a official latest download link here.

Appvn App is one of the finest apps which fetches the apps which are not in play store and provides those apps and games in one place.

It is a very popular third-party app which comes with best UI and user experience.

All you need is a rooted smartphone for this and once you will root your smartphone, You will be able to get all the Paid Apps for free.


You can get free apps for free and you can use this app on various operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

Appvn Features:

There are a lot of features of Appvn Apk and I am going to list some of them below:

  • There are not any app like Appvn is available on net right now.
  • It updates the games and apps on its own.
  • You can download any paid apps for free, You don’t have to pay a penny, No hidden charges also.
  • Most of the popular paid apps are available for free there.
  • It is totally a User-Friendly app.
  • It is very easy to use. You will not have a single problem while using it.
  • It introduces the newest launched apps and games as soon as they released.
  • It supports Android as well as iOS and works flawlessly on both.
  • It also supports all android versions.
  • With its impressive and excellent features, It has just crossed the 2Million+ downloads this month. You can guess the popularity of this app.

Appvn Android:

Appvn Android is a third party app store which is available for Android as well as iOS. You can find the best collection of Apps, Games, Ebooks, Etc, many things on Appvn App store. You can download – install your desired app from this app store and believe me, You do not have to buy them separately.

Download Appvn For Android:

  1. Download Appvn Android Apk.     Click Here
  2. Most of you guys did not allow the Unknown sources from settings. To allow it, go to setting > Security > App Management > and Tick Install apps from Unknown Sources.
  3. Now, Click on the app to install it.
  4. After installing, You can open and use it.
  5. BOOM!! Enjoy the downloading of Paid apps for free.

One thing that arose in all mind is the Language of this apk store where some people find hard to change it. Don’t worry! I’ve complete solution of all of your problems. Just follow that from below.

How To Change the Default Language of Appvn Apk?

The appvn apk comes with a default language called “Vietnamese” which is not known by all people around the world. But, English is known by all people over the world and If you’re looking for Appvn English, then you can use this method to get English version. Just, follow the process from below to know this method and then try.

  1. First of all, you need to register on the app.
  2. After that, you need to do some settings and then verify it.
  3. When you’re done, Just login your ID in Appvn Apk store.
  4. Now, you need to tap on menu and go to settings from there.
  5. Now, You have to select your preferred language in English. I know, you still have some problems so don’t worry.

Regarding your problem in changing language, I am adding a video which will surely help you out in changing the language. Do check it from below!

I hope, this video have solved your problems. Now, let’s head over to the next section.

Appvn iOS Download Iphone/Mac/iPad:

Appvn iOS app store is the massive store from where you can download hundreds and thousands of apps and games for your iPhone/iPad and Mac. It is a third party app store from where you get paid apps and games for free. This app has its own craze in all over the world. You will also those apps on Apvn market which are deleted from Apple App Store.

Appvn iOS Features:

So, Now I am going to list the best of best features of Appvn ios below:

  1. It is completely free and You can download all the paid apps that you see in Apple App Store and the  app is free itself.
  2. You can use this apk on any iPhone. It doesn’t require a Jailbroken device.
  3. Appvn iOS is working fine with most versions.
  4. Along with free apps and games, You will also get free E-Books and free Tv shows without buying them. You can use Appvn iOS App Store.
  5. It supports all type of languages. You will not have any problem in it.

Appvn iOS Download:

Now, We come to the main part. In this section, You will find how to download and install it. Do check them carefully step by step.

  • Download Appvn iOS.

Click Here To Download

  • After downloading, When you will get the installation dialogue box, tap on “Install” twice.
  • It will be installed in a while.
  • After installing, Open Phone Settings > General settings and allow the trust to Appvn.
  • Now, Open the app store on your apple device.
  • You can choose your preferred language inside the app itself.
  • BOOM, You can download unlimited free apps on your iOS device without paying a penny in Apple App Store.

Note: We have released the Jailbreak version app only. Please wait if you are Non-Jailbreak User.

If any problem persists, then we are here to serve you. Contact us through our page. Our staff is there to help you.

Appvn For PC/Windows- 7/8/8.1/10:

Appvn For Pc is one of the amazing third party App store currently available in the market. The demand and craze of this app are at its peak. It is available for all major OS such as Android and iOS. And PC as well. You can find some amazing Apps, Games, and Ebooks on this famous App store. It enables its users not to spend a penny on any thing and Guess what, Using this App store, You can get Premium Games, Apps as well as Ebooks. Seriously, You will not have to pay a dime to them.

You can download all the Apps & Games directly on your PC through the app Store and can use them.

After developing the Apkvn App Store for Android & iOS, The craze for this apk was unbelievable. So They thought to develop it for PC as well and here they are.

appvn pc

Appvn PC Features:

After the introduction part, I have come with the features of Appvn For Pc. Below, I am going to share some best of best features of this app store.

  • It provides free Games, Apps as well as Free Ebooks also which you can download on your PC without spending your money.
  • It Supports all Windows versions so You don’t need to think about that part.
  • You can choose English as your preferred language from the menu. There are many more languages available in Apk store.
  • The app is totally user-friendly which comes with superb UI.

Download Appvn For PC:

  1.  First of all,    Click Here to download the app store.
  2. Locate the file in your windows.
  3. After downloading, Install the app store on your PC.
  4. BOOM, You will see the app. You can use it accordingly.
  5. If you want to change the language, You have to go to the menu and do from theirs.

Final Verdict:

Thanks for visiting and spending your most valuable time here. I hope, You have got your application and will be able to run on your preferred operating system. We hope, you’ve found this post helpful.

We will be happy to serve you 24×7.

In case, You have any type of problem in downloading or installing Appvn, You can contact our Support Staffs through here.

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